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Solenoid and actuator solutions for security industries


Magnet Schultz Ltd is a leader in the design, development and manufacture of special-purpose electric locking and holding mechanisms for a diverse range of demanding applications within the security sector.

Our solenoid-based technology is used worldwide in applications that keep people safe, prevent access to areas without appropriate authorisation, and protect materials and property from theft or events that might cause damage. Our team has designed solutions for advanced applications in all sectors, including:

  • High-security locking mechanisms to prevent inadvertent access to operators in nuclear power plants and biological research establishments, where regular clean-down is carried out with aggressive chemicals
  • Fail-safe devices for central locking of deck doors on ships and superyachts that deny access to unwelcome visitors while travelling in hostile waters
  • Special locks for automatically operated gates, with very high load capacity and special features for successful engagement of misaligned gates
  • Multi-function locking mechanisms for large ticketing machines, incorporating security materials that resist cutting and drilling while integrating with sophisticated control electronics
Security is at the core of our business

Over many years supporting sophisticated security applications, we have developed extensive experience and expertise in the use of materials and designs that deliver proven results for our customers. In fact, many of our other industry solutions focus on security needs, especially in relation to locking, access control and facilities applications.

Our teams of specialists are here to assist you with product selection or provide a dedicated solution that meets your precise objectives.

Magnet Schultz Ltd is JOSCAR certified to give our security clients confidence through supplier pre-qualification, to validate our regulatory compliance and to help streamline our interactions with businesses operating in the security sector.

Our security industry clients include Chubb, HDH and FAAC.


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