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We have received JOSCAR certification.


Magnet Schultz Ltd has been certified as an approved supplier through the JOSCAR initiative. JOSCAR (Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register) simplifies our dealings with our existing and future customers in the aerospace, defence and security sectors.

JOSCAR is managed by Hellios, a supplier information and risk management company that collects, validates and monitors supplier information provided by invited vendors to create a single pool of accurate and up to date supplier information for the benefit of industry buyers. It acts as a collaborative tool that provides a single repository for pre-qualification and compliance information.

Registration with JOSCAR is by invitation only, so we are delighted that Magnet Schultz Ltd was recommended by a new client with whom we are in discussions following an enquiry. It also promises to streamline our interactions with existing defence, security and aerospace customers. We are confident that it will save us time and resources in the often-complex process of navigating the regulatory and legal requirements of these sensitive industries.

View the Magnet Schultz Ltd JOSCAR certificate.


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