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Press Release: New Fascias & Mounting Options for Solenoid Locks

EMB with new fascia and keeperMagnet Schultz Ltd (MSL) has re-engineered several of its most popular solenoid lock modules with new faceplate options that feature better aesthetics as well as greater functionality.

Popular solenoid-based locking modules from MSL, including the company’s Type 60 & 61 right-angled shotbolts, the Cabinet Lock and Electric Mini Bolt, now have new front panels and optional fascia plates to make the modules exceptionally easy to install. Some models also feature matching keepers for locking and slam-shut applications.

Suitable for a wide range of applications from security doors, machine guards, grilles, gates, access hatches and more, the new faceplate designs add to the simplicity of installation for solenoid assembly end-users. Machined in stainless steel, the module fascias and keepers also present an attractive finish ideal for applications where appearance is important.

“We are seeing more end-users specifying electric locking solutions for projects across several market sectors from construction to engineering machine design,” says MSL Product Specialist Robert Kershaw. “These customers want aesthetics to be built in. A complete electric lock with smart fascia options is easier to visualise in its final application than a bare solenoid assembly. It’s one less thing for the customer to design and source. That’s the added-value driver behind our facelift programme.”

Image shows the enhanced Electric Mini Bolt (Type EMB) with fully boxed enclosure and highly aesthetic front panel and keeper.
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