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IFSEC 2015 PR: Extended Bespoke Shotbolt Design for Direct End-users

Marine ramp lock

Shotbolts are widely used in locking and holding security applications as well as a myriad of functions in commercial installations. While system integrators and OEM developers typically work with a bare solenoid or basic solenoid subassembly, security system installers in the building, vehicle and secure access space increasingly seek made-to-measure solutions.

These must be designed to fit mechanically and electrically directly into the application. MSL now offers full added value design and development for custom shotbolts, moving its service beyond the provision of generic subassemblies to special-to-type products and options that ‘drop in’ to the end application.

Current examples of the extended development programme include:

  • Special shotbolts deployed in rapid anti-piracy lock-down operations on superyachts
  • Sets of marine-grade shotbolts used on a commercial hovercraft to drop and lock the bow access doors
  • A pair of custom monobloc exoskeleton shotbolts featuring a large 25mm diameter bolt to secure drop-weights that impact runway pavement surfaces to test for structural integrity
  • Locking shotbolts to secure the covers of reactor vats of bio-culture in the life sciences sector

“These are just a few of the added value custom designs that we have developed recently,” says MSL Product Specialist Tim Lloyd. “Our focus is on delivering finished ‘black box’ solutions where the shotbolt is ready to plug-&-play, complete with bespoke mountings, connectors and cabling, making it exceptionally easy for our customers to install.”

The bespoke development service for custom shotbolts is part of a broader drive by Magnet Schultz Ltd to extend its services to include entire turnkey solutions that comprise control systems, software, enclosures and mounting hardware.

Image shows the bespoke Ramp Lock, designed specifically for a marine hovercraft application.
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