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The Lock for Lifts

In recent times we have had enquiries about approving a locking device to the Lifts Directive. We have news!

We supply a few customers with locking devices for DDA lifts. They have expressed an interest in a new product that is approved to the Lifts Directive. The slim variant of our current assembly is already certified to the Machinery Directive and is popular with customers because of its small size.

The question is, can we design a lock that complies with the Lifts Directive and maintain a small envelope? The short answer? Yes.



At Magnet Schultz we have a long history of building locking devices for the disabled lift industry, under the Machinery Directive. However, the Lifts Directive has some additional requirements, as they are typically used on faster lifts carrying more people.

The new locking device will allow our customers to sell their lifts into markets that have been previously unreachable, without having to increase the framework of the lift to accommodate a larger lock. The device is also suitable for customers that exclusively build passenger lifts requiring this standard



Our in-house 3D printing and PCB design have helped make this possible. We print production ready components in tough carbon fibre reinforced nylon. We have combined this with a PCB that serves both a mechanical and electrical function. This has allowed us to fit two positive acting switches into a very small envelope.

It’s not all new technology though. We will be incorporating our tried and tested aluminium body and GFCX 040 solenoid that feature in so many of our successes.

The lock will comply with the Lifts Directive 2014/33/EU, meaning that it meets all of the requirements of standards EN 81-20 and EN 81-50. This can be incorporated into a lift that is going to be sold anywhere where these are applicable.

We have made this locking device as small as possible, measuring just 36mm x 68mm x 190mm. Although ideal for compact lifts with a hinged door, with further system testing, this lock can also be incorporated into a lift with sliding doors.

If this is of interest to you, keep an eye out. Prototype samples will be available very soon, ahead of launch this summer.

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