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Concealed Floor Lock continues to prove popular.

Magnet Schultz floor lock

Our subfloor mounted Floor Lock continues to be popular, especially with glass doors where both aesthetics and security are important. The Floor Lock was recently featured in Security Journal UK magazine online.

The Floor Lock proves that electric locking security can be both effective and attractive. We’d say the same about our Marine Lock EBL-M1212, which is widely deployed in multi-million-dollar superyachts to provide vital security (rapid lockdown from the helm, usually) but needs to look good to match the aesthetics of prestigious craft. The polished stainless steel finish does the job perfectly.

An original version of our Floor Lock was fitted at Edinburgh University’s 19th Century Old College building, which is the campus reception and another prestigious installation. The electric locking needed to be discreet. Being mounted beneath the floor, the entire mechanism is invisible with only the polished top plate showing (available in finishes including stainless-steel and brass) and the locking pins when not retracted.

A more recent and innovative installation in Portugal turned everything on its head with the Floor Lock mounted in the ceiling above the doors.

Read the article about Floor Lock in SJUK to learn more.

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