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Solenoid and actuator solutions for the defence industry

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Magnet Schultz Ltd is an experienced and JOSCAR certified supplier of solenoid and actuator solutions to the defence industry, producing a wide range of customised solenoid products to military specifications. Our mil spec solenoids are often accompanied by extensive performance testing capabilities that incorporate environmental test processes such as salt spray, shock and vibration.

Our team is extremely experienced in rising to the particular challenges of this sector, from product testing to ensuring robust corrosion protection and upholding rigorous confidentiality clauses. Product reliability is our number one priority; every solution we deliver is optimised for the ultimate performance in arduous environments.

Over the years, our team of solenoid specialists has contributed to a wide range of diverse applications, including air filtration systems for tanks, valve control for NBC self-contained air systems, one-way door locks and stinger system activation mechanisms to protect military base entrances.

Robust solutions for uniquely challenging applications

Given the unique and challenging nature of defence and military applications, solenoid solutions for this industry are rarely off-the-shelf. Our custom assembly design and build service means that our team will study your application, help prepare the specification, design and build solenoids, associated mechanisms and assemblies, and conduct required performance testing – all to an agreed specification. JOSCAR certification gives our defence sector clients confidence through supplier pre-qualification, validates our regulatory compliance and helps to streamline our interactions with defence businesses.

We are delighted to be able to name AWE Aldermaston, BAE Systems, Cobham, MBDA, Qinetiq and Thales amongst our aerospace clients.

For more information about how we can help you rise to your defence challenge, contact us today.


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