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Magnet Schultz launches industrial atex solenoid

Product image for ATEXIECEX shotbolt GTCE 037

New high performance GTCE series solenoids are designed to meet the new European standards for electrical equipment used in hazardous areas, ATEX Directive RL94/9/EC.

Available in a range of body diameters 50mm to 140mm, the explosion-protection designed, single-acting solenoid is suitable for use with both AC and DC supplies.

Developed by Magnet-Schultz, which has been designing and manufacturing solenoids since 1912, the GTCE linear solenoid is manufactured to IP54 and is rated to EX II 2G EEx em II T4/T5. Incorporating a pull and push function and suitable for either body or flange mounting, the GTCE provides high performance stroke of up to 40mm and a holding force of up to 549N.

The industrial ATEX solenoids are designed for use as an actuator to provide mechanical movement in equipment. It is also suitable for use as a door lock when combined with an appropriate shotbolt or latch mechanism to secure covers, hatches or for guards on plant or for fail-safe valve closure.   The high performance solenoid can also be combined with suitable mechanisms to provide companies with ready-to-use solutions.

The GTCE series is suitable for a wide range of applications in a cross section of industries requiring high performance ATEX rated solenoids. These will include chemical, oil and gas plants, the paper industry, food processing, woodworking and recycling as well as designers, engineers, factory managers and maintenance staff using electrical equipment in hazardous environments.

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