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Solenoid and actuator solutions for aerospace


Magnet Schultz Ltd is one of the leading suppliers of product-based solenoid and actuator solutions for use in the aerospace industry. EN9100 accredited and JOSCAR certified, our systems and processes are proven to meet the high manufacturing standards required by this safety-critical industry. As one of only a few companies in the UK to receive EN9100 certification, it means that our high-level quality management systems can be applied to virtually any area of the aerospace industry throughout the entire supply chain.

Equipped with a specialist design and manufacturing cell exclusively dedicated to aerospace, we provide extensive development, sampling and testing facilities. As such, we are able to deliver lifetime and performance guarantees for every solution we manufacture. From material selection through to advanced manufacturing techniques such as laser welding, we offer a wide range of services, incorporating product-specific production processes that include the provision of all relevant documentation, and product-specific quality assurance actions. JOSCAR certification gives our aerospace clients confidence through supplier pre-qualification, validates our compliance and helps to streamline our interactions with businesses in the aerospace sector.

From theory to practice…

Our teams of solenoid technology experts have developed highly-effective solutions for a wide range of high-profile applications, including several for the Airbus A300 series aircraft, as well as military fixed-wing and helicopter aircraft. We have also worked with establishments operating in space exploration and with leading European manufacturers of satellites.

To give you a better idea of our contribution to aerospace, we have previously worked on applications including high-integrity hydraulic control valves used in the control of wing flaps and holding magnets for securing critical components.

We are delighted to be able to name AIM, Martin Baker, Meggitt and Ultra amongst our aerospace clients.


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