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Our solenoids, electromagnets and electric locks are proving critical in medical applications.

Many of our products are deployed in medical applications, including surprisingly innovative uses for precision solenoids. Here’s a round-up of some of the ways our solenoids and electromagnets contribute to the goals of businesses active in the medical sector.


An application in precision automated dispensing of low volume doses of vaccine and other liquid reagents used in medical sampling and testing uses Magnet Schultz solenoids. The innovation is the way in which the solenoids, featuring exacting stroke lengths with tight tolerances, are used as a piston to eject a precise volume of liquid from a nozzle. The tiny displacement is controlled by the solenoid stroke. Up to ten solenoids operate in parallel to provide a row of independent heads for non-contact dispensing. This renowned customer product is widely used in laboratories for investigative and analytical procedures relating to medicine. Solenoid reliability and repeatability between units are paramount.

Electromagnet and electro-permanent magnet security

Several medical applications use our electromagnets as locking devices. The holding force of electromagnets make them an ideal cost-effective solution for straightforward security. However, in medical applications, holding power is not the only consideration. Where potentially harmful substances or valuable medical resources are involved, reliability is imperative. Magnet Schultz electromagnets are used in medical storage refrigerators to maintain the integrity of vital blood, plasma and vaccine samples and to keep them safe from degradation through accidental exposure to higher temperatures. These magnet products are available with a protection rating to IP68 and with wash-down capability.

Accidental exposure is the key issue addressed by electro-permanent magnets (energise-to-release) used to secure laboratory captive-glove isolators. These self-contained cleanroom environments must be protected from the ambient atmosphere to avoid contaminants. Similarly, the operators must be protected from the contents of the isolator. Electro-permanent magnets provide a simple, reliable and highly effective mechanism to secure the transfer hatch open or closed – and they fail to the locked condition in the event of a loss of power. We produce a custom electromagnet with a special flange for one high-profile isolator manufacturer.

Electromagnets for quick changeover

A pharmaceutical customer who manufactures a pick & place style dispensing machine with interchangeable nozzles uses Magnet Schultz electromagnets to retain the placement head. This ensures security by preventing operation while something or someone is in the way. In this application, the magnet is the safety device, and its holding force is critical – the point at which the magnetic force is overcome to release the placement head provides the safety solution.

Solenoid shutter control

Around one-third of all Covid-19 sample tests during the coronavirus pandemic use a pick & place style system that features a shutter mechanism controlled by a Magnet Schultz solenoid. Samples under test are passed across the shutter to check for biofluorescence in the sample.

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If you have medical applications that could benefit from our specialist solenoid, electromagnet and electric lock expertise, please get in touch.

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