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Solenoid and actuator solutions for power generation industriesPower_Magnet_Schultz

Generating and distributing power is one of the most pressing challenges facing the engineering community today. In every country of the world, there are companies channelling significant resources into researching and developing power generation strategies. The majority of this activity involves creating new technologies or stretching existing systems to unprecedented levels.

Success depends upon high levels of innovation and advanced technical competence. In both regards, Magnet Schultz Ltd is an ideal partner, applying world-leading solenoid and actuator know-how and engineering resources to deliver solutions for:

  • Power transmission and process security in wind turbines
  • Control of pressure and flow-rates in geothermal systems
  • Pitch control of blades in sub-sea tidal stream turbines
  • Analysis of fumes in combustion chamber stacks
Committed to continuous innovation

Magnet Schultz is fully committed to supporting the development of technologies that have a positive impact on the environment. Every aspect of our work, from the carbon footprint of our own production processes to the performance of the products we manufacture, aims to sustain the world’s natural resources and improve the environment.

We are proud to name leading power generation and distribution organisations such as GE Power Controls, Schneider, The UK Atomic Energy Authority and Mitsubishi among our clients.

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