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Solenoid and actuator solutions for the building industry


With years of experience in construction engineering design, Magnet Schultz Ltd works with many of the world’s most innovative construction firms.

From standard actuators and electromagnets to shotbolts, locking mechanisms and custom solenoid subassemblies, Magnet Schultz Ltd delivers a wide range of product-based solenoid solutions for every environment. Buildings present many challenges that can often be solved simply and effectively by our team of solenoid applications experts.

We regularly deliver solutions that are not only equipped to rise to a specific logistical challenge, but that meet other requirements such as those raised by the Equality Act. This legislation often requires the use of access lifts or particular interlock devices for example, or it can demand manual override features or, even, a certified minimum number of operations. Our team builds all of this information into our design and manufacturing process.

Breakthrough innovation and product design

We develop diverse solutions related to building construction and building interiors, from access gates through to door-holding magnets and smoke vent release mechanisms.

Recent building applications we have worked on include roller shutter door release mechanisms for industrial units and construction hoist assemblies for high rise structures.

We are proud to include AMEC, Hewden, Kone, Otis, Stannah and Thyssen amongst our building and construction industry clients.

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