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Solenoid and actuator solutions for the automotive industry


Magnet Schultz Ltd’s design and engineering teams are highly experienced in delivering specialist solenoid solutions to tier-one and tier-two suppliers in the automotive industry. QS9001 accredited, our manufacturing expertise is driven by the highest quality standards, not to mention extensive experience in adhering to the complex processes of automotive supply chains.

Our teams are extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of automotive production requirements – from prototyping through to field testing. We are actively involved in the delivery of process documentation contributing to FMEA analysis. And we provide a wide range of environmental testing capabilities, including salt spray and thermal cycling. To further ensure parts withstand external variables, our teams can conduct vibration testing and shock loading.

Customised automotive applications

We provide customised solenoid solutions for a diverse range of applications, including Anti-lock Braking Systems, reverse gear lock-out solenoids, pressure control in automatic transmission systems, ignition interlock solenoids, actuators for power steering controls and semi-active suspension systems.

We are delighted to have worked on developing applications for automotive brands as diverse as Aston Martin and Bentley, Ford, Jaguar, McLaren, Ricardo, Rolls Royce, Scania & Williams.

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