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Come and talk Fuel Cells and EVs with us at Automechanika.

Futuristic Electric Vehicles

We are exhibiting at the Automechanika exhibition at Birmingham’s NEC from 6th to 8th June 2023. This is a lively show that always fascinates visitors. With the rapid rise in popularity of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and hydrogen fuel cell energy as a power source for transport gaining ground, there’s much to see and learn. The event covers every aspect of the dynamic automotive sector including these leading-edge developments.

We’re doing our bit for the expanding industry too, with our own leading-edge solutions. Our shut-off and proportional control valve solutions for hydrogen energy are now widely acclaimed. This family of four products for hydrogen and pressurised gas control are robust, powerful and the smallest in their class. That makes them perfect for vehicle and mobile applications where weight and space-saving technologies are prized. We will be showing these solenoid valves at Automechanika.

But there’s more. And it’s hot off the press – in fact, fresh from the Magnet Schultz development lab. We will be introducing two new hi-tech solenoid valve products for EVs. These are based on our decades of experience in media-separated valve technology.

Visitors to Stand H22 in Hall 20 at Automechanika can see our brand-new Water Coolant Valve that’s expressly designed for applications in commercial EV battery cooling. This unit is already in production and ready to go; we will have it on our stand. We’re also talking about a new solenoid Oil Coolant Valve. As the name implies, it’s designed for oil cooling applications in EV motor drives (and also in motor drives for robots and other high-duty-cycle electric motor applications). This control valve unit is beginning production and will be available very soon.

Both these new hi-tech valves should excite design engineers by making the control of critical cooling for EVs straightforward.

Our Hi-Tech products specialist, Neil Lawrence, will be on the Magnet Schultz Automechanika stand and is keen to demonstrate our products and share his expertise with automotive designers and engineers.

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